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Case Dismissed. I Would Highly Recommend Mr. Blosser!

Mr. Jeff Blosser provided me exceptional, professional legal representation. Even though he was my court appointed attorney, he nevertheless brought a wealth of knowledge of the law to bear on my behalf. Since I was out of state, I was unable to meet with him prior to my pre-trial hearing. When we met at the courthouse, he took the time to listen to me explain what happened. He then explained to me that my case was similar to other cases he had knowledge of and that he was going to file to have the charges against me dismissed. As he explained to me, he would request dismissal by way of a letter he would submit to the judge. Once the judge responded he would take further action as needed. It took a couple of months for the judge to make a ruling, but the judge ruled the case would be dismissed. Mr. Blosser contacted me and then went one step further and requested that my record be expunged. Obviously, I would highly recommend Mr. Blosser to anyone seeking a caring, knowledgeable attorney.

– Anonymous