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Fighting An Allegation Of A Sex Crime

Charges of sex crimes are among the most difficult charges to defend. Even the mere allegation of a sex crime can result in lost jobs, shattered families and ruined reputations. Even if you are ultimately found not guilty, the damage may already be done. In these cases, it is important to hire the right criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the damage to you and your reputation.

At the Blosser Law Office, we work to protect you and your future. Our attorney, Jeffery Blosser, will fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced and he always works for an acquittal at trial. With over 20 years of experience handling every level of criminal charges in both state and federal courts, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Possible Sex Offenses In Ohio

Sex crimes are usually rooted in state law and cover a wide range of offenses. In Ohio, examples of these offenses include:

  • Rape and sexual battery – Often the most serious charges, these include sexual contact with various levels of violent force, coercion, impairment and threat.
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and importuning – These involve actual sexual contact, attempted contact, solicitation online and other activities involving minors or those posing as minors.
  • Child Pornography – This is a broad term that may describe many different possible charges. It often involves the use of nude images of minors in some way.
  • Prostitution and solicitation – These offenses cover everything from loitering to solicit prostitution to forcibly prostituting another.
  • Public Indecency – This generally involves exposure of one’s private parts in public.

If law enforcement investigates or charges you with one of these crimes, it is important to not speak to anyone, especially investigators, until you have consulted with your attorney.

Creating A Strong Defense

Attorney Jeffery Blosser is experienced and aggressive when it comes to defending clients against sex crimes. He understands the defenses available to you at trial and will build your defense by:

  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Scrutinizing alleged victim statements and recordings for even the smallest inconsistencies
  • Analyzing all forensic evidence, including consulting with experts
  • Identifying and developing potential defenses and effectively presenting them to a jury

If the prosecutor cannot prove each and every element of the offense at issue beyond a reasonable doubt, a jury must find you not guilty.

Ohio’s Sex Offender Registry

If you are found guilty of or plead guilty to a number of sexually based offenses, the court may require that you register as a sex offender with your local sheriff’s department as part of your sentence. In some cases, post cards with your photograph are sent to your neighbors advising them that you are a registered sex offender and listing your description, address and the offense for which you were convicted or plead guilty. At the Blosser Law Office, we do everything in our power to prevent you from placement on the registry.

Don’t Leave Your Future To Chance

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