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Recent Case Results

REDUCED – Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle and OVI

Client was pulled over for his 6th lifetime OVI. He also had his handgun in the vehicle on his passenger seat resulting in a Fifth degree Felony Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle. After considerable negotiation with the prosecuting attorney, the felony Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle was reduced to a misdemeanor and the OVI was reduced to a 1st offense OVI with 1st offense minimums.

DISMISSED – Trafficking and Possession of Drugs

Client was indicted with 1 count of Trafficking in Drugs as a felony of the 1st degree with a Major Drug Offender Specification and 1 count of Drug Possession as a felony of the 1st degree with a Major Drug Offender Specification.  Successfully able to get all charges dismissed.

DIMISSED – Domestic Violence

Client was charged with 1 count of Domestic Violence as a misdemeanor of the first degree.  After extended negotiations with the prosecuting attorney, the charge was dismissed.

DISMISSED – Felonious Assault

Client was charged with a second degree felony count of Felonious Assault having been accused of stabbing someone.  Our investigation showed that the client acted in self-defense.  We were able to meet with the prosecuting attorney to interview our witnesses and get the charge against the client dismissed.

GRANTED – Judicial Release

Client was serving time in prison after pleading guilty to Drug Possession.  We were able to file a Motion for Judicial Release and, after a court hearing, successfully getting the client out of prison early.

Reduced – OVI

Blosser Law Office helped client enter a plea to Physical Control with a termination of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) after being charged with OVI and placing them under ALS.  The court accepted the plea to the reduced charge and fined the client $250.00.

Probation – Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving A Minor

Client was charged with several Second Degree Felony charges of Pandering Sexually Oriented Material Involving a Minor.  Through a lengthy discovery process we were able to get enough mitigating factors to overcome the presumption of prison and client was sentenced to probation with no fine and no court costs imposed.

Reduced – OVI

Client’s third offense OVI was reduced to a first offense OVI, resulting in avoiding jail time and avoiding job loss.

Granted – Judicial Release

Because of her prior record, client was sentenced to prison for 18 months after pleading guilty to one count of Illegal Conveyance of Drugs into a correctional institution.  After serving 3 months of that term, client’s Motion for Judicial Release was granted and the client was released from prison.

Probation – Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving A Minor

After careful preparation and presentation to the court, client was placed on probation for 3 years.  There was no fine and no court costs.

Dismissed – Disorderly Conduct

Blosser Law Office was able to demonstrate that client was not, in fact, intoxicated and never should have been charged, dismissing the matter.

Dismissed – Rape

After a brief investigation, a detective decided that he would not client with Rape. The client can continue life without devastating accusations being filed against him.

Dismissed – Endangering Children

Client was charged with one count of Operating a Vehicle under the Influence (OVI) and Endangering Children.  Negotiated a plea to the OVI in exchange for a dismissal of the Endangering Children charge.  Client was sentenced to the minimums on the OVI and was not placed on any sort of probation.

Granted – Judicial Release

After serving only 6 months of the 48 month sentence, Blosser Law was able to secure client’s Judicial Release from prison.

Dismissed – Failure To Comply With The Order Of A Police Officer

After several court appearances, Blosser Law was able to secure a dismissal of the charges in this matter.