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On Your Side When Fighting Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes involve physical injury to another person and can range from assault to murder. Such crimes can have devastating impacts on the lives of all the people involved. Not only are the victim and the accused deeply affected, but so are their families. If you face accusations of a violent crime, the stress of dealing with that accusation can have adverse effects in every aspect of life. You could face life-changing penalties and have much to lose if you are convicted. That is why it is so important that you have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Attorney Jeffery Blosser has been fighting for his clients’ legal rights for over 20 years. He founded the Blosser Law Office to defend good people accused of crimes. Our team prides itself on being the gold standard of criminal defense in the Columbus area.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Violent Offenses

Violent crimes may include offenses that range from the misdemeanor to the felony levels. Examples of the crimes we handle include:

  • Assault, ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault and domestic violence
  • Homicide, including voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, murder and aggravated murder.
  • Robbery and aggravated robbery
  • Kidnapping and abduction
  • Sexual assault and rape

If you are accused of committing such a crime, you could face many consequences, including going to jail or prison. In addition, the state can enhance many violent offenses in certain circumstances. If you are convicted of certain violent crimes in Ohio and are later charged with another violent crime, the state may charge your new offense at a higher level, which will subject you to more serious penalties.

There are two sides to every story, however, and you do have defenses available. Regardless of the reasons why you were charged with a crime, you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer to assist you in every step of your case. We will build your defense by working with you, examining evidence and interviewing witnesses to ensure that all of your rights are protected.

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