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Are You Charged With Marijuana Cultivation?

The illegal cultivation of marijuana is a serious offense in Ohio. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the cultivation of marijuana can result in serious consequences including jail and/or costly fines and court costs. An aggressive defense lawyer can help you throughout the legal process from arraignment to trial. At Blosser Law Office, attorney Jeffery Blosser will address the many issues regarding your cultivation of marijuana case. He will examine all the relevant evidence in order to determine the best defense for your situation.

Building A Strong Defense Against Your Charges

Generally, police officers must have a valid search warrant in order to enter your home or premises. We will examine whether adequate probable cause existed for the issuance of a search warrant and whether the search warrant was executed within the standard time frame. Our experienced criminal defense lawyer can determine the answers to these and other questions surrounding in order to build your defense.

Another major issue surrounding nearly every drug offense case is the amount of drugs, in this case marijuana, alleged to have been removed from the premises. The weight of the seized amount of marijuana will determine the level of offense for which you are charged. Every aspect of your case must be examined and challenged.

If law enforcement alleges that you have committed the offense of cultivation of marijuana, it makes no difference whether you were growing to sell the contraband or for your own personal use. Again, it is critical to scrutinize each and every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you so that an effective defense can be prepared. You need an aggressive and thorough defense lawyer.

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