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EXONERATED - Title IX Sex Offenses

Being a college student in 2020 was challenging enough, but in addition to those challenges the client found himself accused of violating the university's code of conduct.  A female acquaintance had made serious allegations of sexual misconduct which led to an investigation by the university and subsequent contested hearing.

The rules regarding such hearings at universities are quite different that those regarding criminal matters in a court of law.  Being cognizant that anything brought forth in the university's investigation and hearing could be used against him to pursue criminal charges, we proceeded cautiously but zealously.

Together with the client, we were able to communicate our narrative and question the accuser's credibility.  As a result we successfully orchestrated our defense in the hearing and client was exonerated and able to continue with his educational goals.

Jeffery Blosser

I grew up in a rural community that instilled a sense of honor, fairness and community.  Often when someone is accused of a criminal offense there is a feeling of unfairness as the State brings its enormous resources to bear against a lone individual.  It can feel lonely, but you don't have to be...