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Case Results


After being pulled over following dinner with family, client was charged with OVI.  After having refused a breathalyzer test, client was placed under an Administrative License Suspension (ALS).  The following morning, I appeared in court with the client and entered a Not Guilty Plea and was successful in getting a stay of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS).  After filing a Motion to Suppress, I was able to get the State to dismiss the OVI and let the client enter a plea to Physical Control with a termination of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS).  The court accepted the plea to the reduced charge and fined the client $250.00.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, DUI / DWI

Jeffery Blosser

I grew up in a rural community that instilled a sense of honor, fairness and community.  Often when someone is accused of a criminal offense there is a feeling of unfairness as the State brings its enormous resources to bear against a lone individual.  It can feel lonely, but you don't have to be...