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FAQs for Columbus DUI and Criminal Lawyers

How much does your initial consultation cost?

There is no fee for your initial consultation. This first meeting is a chance for us to meet and discuss the specifics of your individual Criminal Defense or OVI/DUI Defense case. Please be sure to bring any paperwork that you may have regarding your case.

How much are your legal fees?

No two Criminal Defense or OVI/DUI Defense cases are the same. What may have been true for a friend's or relative's case may not be suitable for your individual Criminal Defense or OVI/DUI Defense case. Like most Columbus Criminal attorneys and Ohio DUI Lawyers, we charge a flat fee for your case. The flat fee in your case will be based on many different factors including: severity of the charge, county in which you are charged, your prior criminal history, etc.

Like many other things in life when it comes to hiring a Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer or Columbus OVI/DUI Lawyer, you get what you pay for. Make sure that the Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer's or Columbus OVI/DUI Defense Lawyer's fee includes all aspects of your case from arraignment to jury trial. Be sure that you know in advance whether your legal fee covers expenses that may be associated with your particular Criminal Defense case or OVI/DUI Defense case.

Do you accept partial payments for your legal fees?

Though payment of your legal fee is usually due at the outset of your case, we understand that it is not always realistic to do so. In some cases we will accept partial payment of your legal fee and can discuss with you a range of payment plans that may assist you in hiring an Experienced Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer or Columbus DUI Defense Lawyer that you deserve.

What can I expect to happen in court?

It depends on what type of charge you are facing and whether or not speedy trial time has been waived. Typically, Misdemeanor Criminal Defense cases are resolved (either through plea negotiations or trial) much faster than Felony Criminal Defense cases. Both Misdemeanor and Felony cases begin with an arraignment where your initial plea of “not guilty" is entered. After your arraignment, the case is then assigned to a judge who will usually set the matter for a pretrial. A pretrial is an opportunity to examine the discovery and develop any issues and defenses that are appropriate for your case. After the pretrial, the case is typically set for a trial date. It is vital to have an Experienced Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer or Columbus OVI/DUI Defense Lawyer standing with you every step of the way.