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Drug Possession and Paraphernalia

Drug possession charges and other criminal offenses related to drugs can have severe, far-reaching effects on your life and ability to earn a living. In most cases a conviction for a drug offense may not only result in jail or prison, but can also result in having your driver's license suspended. Having an experienced drug crime defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. For example, in many instances an experienced Drug Crime Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer can have your case placed into a Diversion Program or even into Intervention in Lieu of Conviction. Successful completion of either of two programs may result in a dismissal of your Drug Crime case.

The penalties associated with Drug Possession can vary depending on the level of offense charged. At the low end are Minor Misdemeanor Drug Possession offenses which carry no jail time, but can result in a maximum fine of $150.00. However, penalties rise steadily based on the type of drug and amount that you are alleged to have possessed. The top end of the penalty spectrum may be charged as a First Degree Felony – and if the State adds a Major Drug Offender Specification, you could be looking at an additional mandatory 10 years on top of the underlying Drug Possession offense. Having an experienced Drug Crime Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer is critical in the proper defense of your Drug Crime case.

Another potential penalty associated with all levels of Drug Possession and Drug Paraphernalia offenses is a mandatory driver's license suspension, whether or not a vehicle was involved in the offense. An experienced Drug Crime Criminal Defense Lawyer may be able to keep you driving back and forth from work or school.  

For all of these reasons it is important to have an experienced Drug Possession attorney to protect your rights throughout all of your hearings and trials when charged with a Drug Possession offense.

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Common Drug Crimes charged are:

  • Felony or Misdemeanor Drug Possession;
  • Drug Paraphernalia;
  • Cultivation of Marijuana;
  • Drug Manufacturing;
  • Trafficking;
  • Deception to Obtain Drugs

Drug Paraphernalia

A person who is charged with Drug Paraphernalia is alleged to have knowingly made, obtained, possessed or used any instrument, article or thing that was intended to be used to administer a controlled substance. If the State cannot prove each and every element of the offense of Drug Paraphernalia beyond a reasonable doubt, then you must be found not guilty.

Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing involves the making of illegal drugs. In Ohio the penalties associated with Drug Manufacturing varies based on a number of factors. The manufacture of schedule I or II drugs may result in the individual being charged with a Second Degree Felony. The offense may be enhanced if it is alleged to have occurred within the vicinity of a school, which results in a First Degree Felony.

Manufacturing schedule III, IV or V drugs may result in the individual being charged with a Third Degree Felony. If the manufacture is alleged to have occurred in the vicinity of a school, the offense is enhanced to a Second Degree Felony with a mandatory prison sentence.