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Case Results

  • Obstructing Justice

    Client charged with Obstructing Justice.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • Worker's Compensation Fraud

    Client charged with Worker's Compensation Fraud and Theft - both Fifth Degree Felonies.  Client pled to a First Degree Misdemeanor with no probation, no fine and no court costs. Read On

  • Expungement Granted

    Court granted an expungement of client's previous Disorderly Conduct conviction. Read On

  • Drug Paraphernalia

    Client charged with Fourth Degree Misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • OVI

    Client was charged with OVI and had to be administered Narcan twice.  All charges Dismissed. Read On

  • Rape/Sexual Battery

    Client was charged with two counts of First Degree Felony Rape and two counts of Second Degree Felony Sexual Battery.  Case was tried before a jury and client was found Not Guilty on all counts. Read On

  • GRANTED – Judicial Release

    Client was visiting the father of her child in prison.  She illegally conveyed drugs to the prisoner during their visit and was charged with and convicted of a Fourth Degree Felony of Illegally Conveying Contraband into a Correctional Facility.  She was sentenced to serve 18 months in prion. Aft... Read On

  • Judicial Release

    Client was serving 4 years for Aggravated Possession of Drugs.  After serving 6 months of the 4 year sentence, the court Granted client's Motion for Judicial Release. Read On

  • ACQUITTAL – Rape/Sexual Battery/Gross Sexual Imposition

    A contested custody matter resulted in allegations by the mother of a 10 year-old child that her biological father had done terrible things to their daughter.  The client was charged with Sixteen counts of First Degree Felony Rape, One count of Second Degree Felony Sexual Battery and Sixteen coun... Read On

  • Rape

    Client charged with four counts of First Degree Felony Rape.  After a jury trial, client was found Not Guilty on all four counts. Read On

  • Domestic Violence

    Client charged with First Degree Misdemeanor Aggravated Menacing and Fourth Degree Misdemeanor Domestic Violence.  Resolved the case with a plea to one Minor Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct.  Read On

  • Marijuana Possession

    Client charged with Marijuana Possession.  Got the case dismissed and expunged the charge. Read On

  • Theft

    Client charged with one First Degree Misdemeanor Theft from Kohl's.  Was able to get the client into a Diversion program and upon completion the case was dismissed. Read On

  • Assault

    Client charged with one First Degree Misdemeanor Assault while defending himself from an aggressive attacker.  Case was dismissed. Read On

  • DISMISSED – Rape and Kidnapping

    A disagreement between an on-again/off-again girlfriend escalated and resulted in her admitting herself into the hospital alleging that she had been assaulted and raped by client.  DNA taken from the alleged victim and a brief investigation by police officers resulted in client being arrested and... Read On


    A night of fun and drinks with friends came to an end and on her way home, client was stopped by State Troopers for a small traffic violation which turned into First Degree Misdemeanor charges of OVI (impaired) and a breath test above .08 resulted in an additional First Degree Misdemeanor charge ... Read On

  • DISMISSED - Domestic Violence

    An argument with his wife escalated and, as a result, police were called to the residence.  Emotions were running high and upon a short investigation police charged the client with a First Degree Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and client was taken to jail.  After investigating the client's version... Read On

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