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    Client was travelling late at night down Route 23 in rural Ross County.  His out of state license plates drew the attention of a Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper who promptly pulled my client over for "touching the fog line" (also called a "marked lanes violation").  During a subsequent search o... Read On


    Trying to earn a living to provide for her family the client provided home health services in rural South Eastern Ohio.  The State of Ohio alleged that in reporting her services that she had committed Medicaid Fraud and filed 3 Felony criminal charges against her.  After successful negotiation of... Read On


    Client was driving home at 3:07 a.m. when he was stopped by police officers and found to have an open bottle of brandy with a missing cap in the car with him.  Having been previously convicted of an OVI, the client decided to politely refuse all field sobriety tests and the requested breathalyzer... Read On

  • DISMISSED - Assault

    During the civil unrest in the Summer of 2020 in the City of Columbus, client found himself swept up in the moment and found himself charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct.  The high emotional significance of the protests led to an unfortunate incident and client was arrested and taken to ja... Read On

  • DISMISSED - Human Trafficking/Compelling Prostitution

    After attending a house party where several people (including underaged individuals) were engaging in illicit drug use and sexual conduct, client was alleged to be involved in Human Trafficking and charged with a Third Degree Felony Compelling Prostitution involving a runaway teenager who had att... Read On

  • EXONERATED - Title IX Sex Offenses

    Being a college student in 2020 was challenging enough, but in addition to those challenges the client found himself accused of violating the university's code of conduct.  A female acquaintance had made serious allegations of sexual misconduct which led to an investigation by the university and ... Read On

  • DISMISSED - Aggravated Menacing

    Working by herself at a motel, client found herself fearing for her safety from an unruly group of individuals.  Outnumbered and alone she pulled out a gun and forced her tormentors to leave the premises.  Ridiculously, she was charged with Aggravated Menacing for protecting herself. Having neve... Read On

  • Domestic Violence

    Client charged with one count of Domestic Violence and one count of Assault.  Both charges dismissed. Read On

  • Felonious Assault

    Client charged with Felonious Assault - a Second Degree Felony.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • OVI

    Client charged with OVI.  Got the matter reduced to a Physical Control. Read On

  • Worker's Compensation Fraud

    Client charged with one count of Worker's Compensation Fraud and one count of Theft - both Fifth Degree Felonies.  Resolved with a plea to a Misdemeanor. Read On

  • Criminal Trespass

    Client accused of Criminal Trespass.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • Obstructing Justice

    Client charged with Obstructing Justice.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • Worker's Compensation Fraud

    Client charged with Worker's Compensation Fraud and Theft - both Fifth Degree Felonies.  Client pled to a First Degree Misdemeanor with no probation, no fine and no court costs. Read On

  • Expungement Granted

    Court granted an expungement of client's previous Disorderly Conduct conviction. Read On

  • Drug Paraphernalia

    Client charged with Fourth Degree Misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • OVI

    Client was charged with OVI and had to be administered Narcan twice.  All charges Dismissed. Read On

  • Rape/Sexual Battery

    Client was charged with two counts of First Degree Felony Rape and two counts of Second Degree Felony Sexual Battery.  Case was tried before a jury and client was found Not Guilty on all counts. Read On

  • GRANTED – Judicial Release

    Client was visiting the father of her child in prison.  She illegally conveyed drugs to the prisoner during their visit and was charged with and convicted of a Fourth Degree Felony of Illegally Conveying Contraband into a Correctional Facility.  She was sentenced to serve 18 months in prion. Aft... Read On

  • Judicial Release

    Client was serving 4 years for Aggravated Possession of Drugs.  After serving 6 months of the 4 year sentence, the court Granted client's Motion for Judicial Release. Read On

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